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“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”
-- Toni Morrison

Commission status: Open to offers

Writing Portfolio

I have been writing both fandom and original works for more than a decade, and have experience across multiple genres and themes (and fandoms, I've written for so many fandoms).Though my skills are flexible, I mainly specialize in reader-insert or other forms of indulgent or comforting content. If you're interested in commissioning me for something, please feel free to review my ever-growing list of previous works to see if my style is something that you would enjoy commissioning.Even if I haven't written something before (be it a specific kink or situation) then I have likely at least been asked, requested, or discussed it somewhere on my multitude of writing blogs, so don't feel discouraged or embarrassed in asking about a topic you're interested in commissioning me for. If you're unsure if I'm capable or comfortable to write something, please don't feel afraid to ask me about it!


My name is Daniel, and I’m a 28-year-old trans man just out here trying to live a happy and worthwhile life. My philosophy? Make the world a better place each and every day, no matter how small the improvement.I’ve been writing for well over a decade now, and have since settled myself very comfortably into the specialty of reader-interactive works (otherwise known as reader-insert). I have experience outside of this niche, but it's certainly where I'm most comfortable and familiar with; see my previous work for more details.I strive to create a very open-minded environment with my content–I will not shame you simply for the fictional things you like. Characters, tropes, ideas, kinks, ships; I grew up on the concepts of ‘don’t like, don’t read’ and ‘my kink is not your kink’, and will proudly follow them to this day.

Contact Me

If you are interested in a commission, please send in a request using the form linked below. It has ample questions and space for you to detail exactly the kind of commission you're looking for, but I will certainly ask follow-up questions to clarify anything if needed.When contacting me, please give me at least a day or two to respond--if I haven't responded by then, feel more than welcome to try sending another message or contacting me through another means; a combination of a full-time job and bad ADHD brain is not the greatest duo.If you would like to contact me for questions or clarification on anything, you can get ahold of me at [email protected]

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.

General Terms

- I have the right to decline any commission that makes me uncomfortable or is out of my range of ability.- I will not take commissions for content that contains hateful or derogatory elements towards a person's race, religion, gender, sex, or sexual orientation.- You are not allowed to repost your written commission on any website without explicit permission from me. If I have an active account on a website, I would prefer you share/reblog it from that account.- If you have purchased a commission containing any sort of explicit content, you agree that you are above the age of 18 and are otherwise legally allowed to purchase it.- Before starting the commission, I will provide a rough outline of events to make sure it meets the expectations of the commissioner. Changes are welcome during the outline stage, and I will let you know when I begin writing the final product.- Any requested changes to the final product may incur an extra fee dependent on the size and difficulty of said changes.- If I go over the agreed upon wordcount of my own volition, you are not required to may an additional fee--but a tip is always appreciated if you feel it is earned!

Payment | Refunds

- Payment will be USD, payed via a Paypal invoice.- Payment will be required before I begin the commission.- Depending on how far into your commission I am and how much work has already been put into it, I may be able to offer you a full refund. As soon as you know you will need to cancel the commission, please contact me.- For example, if I am roughly 50% done with the commission, then I can offer you a 50% refund and the content I have thus far produced.- If I have finished the commission, I will not refund it.

Pricing Rates

Base Price

11 - 10001¢ / word
21001 - 30001.5¢ / word
33001 - 50002¢ / word
45001 - 10,000+3¢ / word

Price Modifiers

Completion in two weeks+25%
Completion in one week+50%
Unfamiliar fandom / setting+25%

Pricing for a commission will be based on its wordcount, and will follow the above tiers in sequential order as they are applied. This is to make sure that there isn't a strange gap in price where each tier changes, and every commission is priced similarly regardless where the final wordcount falls.This is also fair to me as the writer, as progressively longer works are much more difficult to create vs several small pieces of writing that may add up to the same final wordcount.

Example Commission

Customer A wants to commission a 5k (5000) word piece. To price this commission, it contains the full amount of tier 1 (1000 words @ 1¢ / word = $10), the full amount of tier 2 (2000 words @ 1.5¢ / word = $30) and the full amount of tier 3 (2000 words @ 2¢ / word = $40).When the amount for these three tiers are added together, a 5k commission would total $80 USD.

Customer B wants to commission a 2.5k (2500) word piece. To price this commission, it contains the full amount of tier 1 (1000 words @ 1¢ / word = $10) and a portion of tier 2 (1500 words @ 1.5¢ / word = $22.50).When the amount is added together, a 2.5k commission would total $32.50 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stories will you write?

A large portion of my experience and specialty in writing deal with reader-insert and other reader-interactive works, usually of the erotic, romantic or similar variety. I have experience in both fandom and original works, and I primarily enjoy writing original works of the sci-fi, paranormal and fantasy genre.I will write most everything from cuddles to hardcore, raunchy smut, and I have no issue with writing a variety of kinks.Outside of romance and erotica, I very much enjoy lighthearted short-stories that are able to either stand on their own or be told in independent chunks.Unless specifically commissioned, I do not tend to do longer, chaptered works.

What kind of stories will you NOT write?

In short, I will not write rape, gore, bestiality or any form of pedophilia. I will write heavily into a variety of darker kinks, but I will never write the above topics in any form. If you are unsure if a kink, topic or theme strays close to any of the above, please let me know and I we can figure out if I can write it!I will not write explicit content for those who are considered underage within the US (18 years old). If you purchase such content from me, you are acknowledging this rule and agreeing to the fact that you are at least 18 years of age. I can and will block any and all future transactions with a client if they fail to follow the above policy.

Can I commission a sequel to another work?

Absolutely! Please specify that you’re asking for a sequel or a piece related to another existing work when you are sending the form for your commission. The pricing for this is no different than the standard pricing otherwise.

Can I commission a piece with an original character?

In some circumstances, yes! I normally don’t like to write original characters of another person unless I’m quite familiar with them, so this is something that should be discussed with me personally to see if you have enough references available for that character for me to feel comfortable writing them.

What types of written work are available to commission?

- Oneshots / Short Stories
- Sequels / Follow-ups to previous works
- Chaptered Projects (priced on wordcount per chapter)
- Headcanons & Imagines
- Interactive Fiction Projects (ex: Twine)
- In-character letters / Messages
- Scripts and similar things to be used for voice work